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‘Most Protesters Were Coming for Me’: Moreno on Leaving Capital- Telesur

Date: Oct 11, 2019

In an interview with the BBC, Lenin Moreno opened up about why he fled the country’s capital, Quito. He also reiterated his theory that the entire protest movement has been orchestrated by Venezuela and former leftist President Rafael Correa. 

“Being a city with colonial characteristics, the center of Quito, where the government palace is located, is quite cloistered and it becomes difficult to reach if it is surrounded by military and police. It is easy to reach for protesters and difficult to reach the people who work in the government palace. Also…because in the end, most of them [protesters] were coming for me” said the embattled president on Wednesday. 

Moreno faced a skeptical interviewer who questioned Moreno’s claim that Nicolas Maduro and Rafael Correa are the sole driving force behind the uprising against his austerity package. 

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