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Lenín Moreno capitalizes on the coronavirus crisis to reproach Rafael Correa’s inheritance – The Union Journal

Lenin Moreno

He no longer mentions his name, but President Lenín Moreno continues to allude to the Government of Rafael Correa when taking stock during his presidential messages. This Sunday, Ecuador commemorated Moreno’s three years in office in the midst of the pandemic and the president reappeared after two months of preventive isolation with a speech marked, again, by the inherited difficulties that have frustrated his government projects.

“We are living in very difficult times. We all say that it is a crisis that has never happened in our history. This is a report to the particular nation. Not all the assemblymen can accompany us, nor all the ministers, “the head of state began before a half-empty National Assembly, with ministers and national authorities sitting in chairs every two meters and with part of his own ministerial cabinet connected only by videoconference. Before mentioning the four axes on which he will focus the year of management that remains until the presidential elections of 2021, Moreno recalled that upon his arrival to power he found “an Ecuador broken by 10 years of waste and corruption and with debts that they amounted to 60,000 million dollars ”and he had to restore“ the democratic balance in a country dominated by the hoarding of power, by hatred and despair.”

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