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Justice of the United States connects bribes of Petroecuador and Odebrecht – Ecuador Times

Date: Jan 20, 2018

In anew indictment against the Ecuadorian American Frank Roberto Chatburn Ripalda,US justice has linked two bribery schemes that have occurred in Ecuador: that of the state Petroecuador and that of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht. According to US justice, the amount of bribes related to Chatburn Ripalda would reach $ 3’270,980, paid to several Petroecuador officials, including one that “had various functions from 2012 to 2016, including the Pacific Refinery, Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Petroecuador.” The key to this puzzle is the transfers made from the accounts of the companies Denfield Investments Inc. and Sentinel Mandate & Escrow Ltd., domiciled in tax havens. Read more>>