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Investigate alleged destruction of documents in the merger of Petroecuador and Petroamazonas

Date: Jul 9, 2021

The Prosecutor’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office are investigating an alleged destruction of documents evidenced in the framework of the merger between Petroecuador and Petroamazonas. Explanations have been requested from the former deputy secretary of the Petroamazonas board who today advises the Minister of Energy.

On July 5, the State Comptroller General sent a request for information to Juan Carlos Escobar Vallejo, former adviser to the general management of Petroamazonas, asking him to provide the supporting documents “that evidence the passive documentation of the Petroamazonas Board of Directors. it was sent to the General Archive or it was transferred to PetroEcuador during the merger process ”.

While the Prosecutor’s Office summoned him this Friday to render a voluntary version, as an alleged destruction of records is being investigated. This is due to the lack of endorsement of the minutes of the Petroamazonas board of directors between 2008 and 2016.

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