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Important First Steps – Chevron and Rainforest Action Network Meet, Share Common Ground

This past Tuesday, executives from Chevron hosted a meeting in San Ramon including Cofan representative Emergildo Criollo and advocates from the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) as well as Amazon Watch.  Following the meeting, Chevron’s Manager of Global Issues and Policy, Silvia Garrigo posted the following comment to RAN’s blog:

“This is Silvia Garrigo from Chevron.  I want to thank RAN for the opportunity yesterday to meet with Emergildo, Maria, and Mitch.  Spending an hour together in our headquarters and hearing Emergildo’s story was a valuable experience.  We can all agree that his personal story is moving and heartfelt.  And we can all agree that there are unacceptable environmental conditions in Ecuador’s Amazon.  While there may be many areas where we do not agree, it is important for us to listen to each other.  We believe RAN and Chevron can share common ground on some important points.  Thank you again for meeting with us.  We look forward to continuing a constructive dialogue.”

Chevron views Tuesday’s meeting as an important first step towards building trust.  It is our hope that subsequent meetings can move future conversations past rhetoric and towards a constructive dialogue about solutions.

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