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Harvard welcomes noted racketeer Steven Donziger to discuss Chevron Shakedown – Hot Air

Date: Apr 15, 2015

Harvard University may be sending a none too subtle message regarding their feelings about capitalism and successful businesses in America. They are hosting a panel discussion event this weekend with the innocent sounding name, Insider perspectives and implications for the future of transnational corporate liability. On the surface that probably sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry, but one of the distinguished speakers on the panel is none other than Chevron Shakedown lawyer Steven Donziger, famous for being instrumental in trying to shake down the energy giant for billions of dollars. This is an effort which has since gone totally off the rails and seen the attorney hauled into court and found complicit in a vast conspiracy to defraud the company. What’s even more odd is that even though this campaign has been completely discredited, this is the second time Harvard has hosted him. Read more>>