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Guillermo Lasso seeks to expedite the negotiations for the signing of the trade agreement with Mexico

Date: Aug 25, 2021

President Guillermo Lasso prioritizes a great challenge in Mexico : to unblock the commercial negotiation in order to reach, until the end of the year, an agreement with that country, which is the previous step to join the Pacific Alliance .

On Tuesday, August 24, 2021, during the commemorative acts for the 200 years of the signing of the Córdoba Treaties , in Veracruz, the President asked his Mexican counterpart, Manuel López Obrador , to move forward in a “firm, purposeful and fraternal manner.” in the project of signing a commercial agreement between the two countries.

“An objective towards which we have pledged our political will and towards which we perceive the same willingness on the part of the Government of Mexico , particularly under its leadership, with the decision to resume the negotiations and bring them to fruition. We trust that Ecuador will become a full member of the Pacific Alliance in a very short term, ”Lasso said.

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