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Former Ecuadorian congressman and journalist are declared innocent of disclosure of government information in Chevron case – Journalism in the Americas

Date: Mar 1, 2018

Journalist and political activist Fernando Villavicencio and former congressman Cléver Jiménez, who were prosecuted criminally at the beginning of 2014 after being taken to court by then-Ecuadoran president Rafael Correa as a result of a journalistic investigation, were declared innocent on Feb. 22 by the Criminal Court of the National Court of Justice. During the final trial, prosecutor Thania Moreno refrained from accusing them due to lack of evidence and the president of that Criminal Court, Judge Sylvia Sánchez, ruled in favor of the defendants, El Comercio reported. It all started five years ago with the publication of the report “The Chevron File” on Oct. 3, 2013. In this investigation, Villavicencio cited Jiménez’ denunciations about the alleged interference of the Ecuadorian government in judicial operations during the litigation between that Andean country and the transnational oil company Chevron, according to Fundamedios. Read more>>