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Foreign Policy – The Chevron case and Ecuador’s peculiar justice system

Date: Mar 9, 2011

Foreign Policy writes about the Chevron Ecuador case, discussing how misconduct of the plaintiffs’ lawyers and political interference in the Ecuadorian court renders the judgment unenforceable:

Yet for all the hoopla surrounding the case, it is unlikely that the plaintiffs will receive one cent from the judgment. It’s not just that Chevron owns no assets in Ecuador, but that no responsible court anywhere in the world is likely to support seizing Chevron assets based on a verdict tainted by such flagrant political interference, judicial and plaintiff misconduct, and double standards of justice. (This week, a federal judge in New York extended a temporary order banning any collection of the judgment.)

Particularly damaging to any sense of due process in the case has been the actions of the Correa government. According to Investor’s Business Daily, not only have “the plaintiffs been repeatedly caught in embarrassing acts of fraud and collusion with the Ecuadorean government and its courts,” but, “It’s been so bad — an Ecuadorean judge was caught on candid camera telling plaintiffs the fix was in on his future ruling, and an ‘independent assessor’ was caught on film outtakes colluding with plaintiffs — that the entire court system is clearly compromised.”

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