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Firmas Press – Ecuador’s Correa between a liberal democracy and a dictatorial one

Date: May 17, 2011

The author of this article is highly critical of Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s efforts to, in his view, consolidate power in his hands through the referendum election:

What President Correa is trying to do — and let’s hope he will choose not to do after the referendum results are known — is demolish the foundation of the “liberal democracy” and replace it with a “dictatorial democracy.” This is by no means a word game. A liberal democracy is the type of government in which people consent to being governed — provided that their individual rights, including property rights, are protected by the Constitution; in which a division of powers limits the authority of those who govern; and where there is a market economy whose production function falls, fundamentally, on the civil society. In other words, the model of coexistence found in the 30 most developed and happiest countries on the planet.

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