Chevron's Views
And Opinions On
The Ecuador Lawsuit.

Financial Times – Debate on the ethical issue of investing in lawsuits

Date: Nov 17, 2011

The Chevron Ecuador case is referenced in this piece on litigation funding by outside investors:

Institutional investors are casting around for sources of uncorrelated returns. One potentially lucrative area is that of litigation funding, financing large corporate lawsuits in exchange for a cut of any settlement or damages. … Chevron is locked in a legal battle with a group of Ecuadorian Indians over environmental damage done decades ago in the Amazon. The case against the oil company is financed by Burford Capital. Burford Capital is one of two Aim-listed vehicles (the other is Juridica) that have attracted investment from a number of fund managers, including Mr Woodford, Sanjeev Shah at Fidelity and Baillie Gifford. None were available for comment on possible conflicts of interest, however Mr Woodford does not invest in US companies such as Chevron.

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