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Esmeraldas refinery at 100% of its operational capacity after maintenance

Date: Jul 23, 2021

The Petroecuador company reported that the maintenance work was completed in one of its visbreaking units of the Esmeraldas Refinery, the largest refining center in the country, after which it recovered its 100% operation, that is, the processing of 15,750 barrels per day to obtain as a final product: fuel gas, visbreaking naphtha and light residues that allow to improve the mixtures to obtain Fuel Oil.

Refinería Esmeraldas has two visbreaking units, but at the end of June there were problems in this unit, for which the repairs were planned for 16 days.

Corrective maintenance was carried out by 40 Esmeraldas Refinery Technicians and included the internal cleaning of vessels, heat exchangers and the removal of carbon adhered to the interior walls of the furnace tubes.

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