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Ecuador’s Waorani People Win Another Victory Against Government- Telesur

Date: Jun 19, 2020

Indigenous Waorani People of Ecuador’s Amazon won Wednesday in an Ecuadorean court precautionary measures requiring the government to take urgent actions against the spread of the new coronavirus in Waorani territory, NGO Amazon Frontlines has reported.

“Today, Ecuadorean justice ruled in favor of our request for precautionary measures in the face of government inaction during this pandemic,” President of the Waorani nation Gilberto Nenquimo said in a statement.

“The Waorani people and our uncontacted relatives are in great danger as the virus continues to spread rapidly across the Amazon. Unfortunately, the government’s response has been inadequate and they have not coordinated with our leadership. We are glad that the judge ordered precautionary measures, but we must remain vigilant,” Nenquimo added.

The court ruling demands coordination from the state with the Waorani leadership to conduct COVID-19 testing with the aid of medical staff with intercultural experience; adequate and sufficient medical supplies to local community health centers; and, adequate and culturally relevant information to the Waorani.

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