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Ecuador’s President, Lenín Moreno, will attend the Amazon Summit- Ecuador Times

Date: Sep 6, 2019

The urgent Amazon summit, which will bring together four Latin American countries in the Colombian city of Leticia on Friday, will launch a global call to join efforts for the conservation and protection of the Amazon, affected by fires and deforestation, the Colombian Foreign Minister said Wednesday.

“There will be a great global call to advance in the activities of regional activity for conservation, technological development for conservation, coordination of actions for the conservation and preservation of the Amazon,” said Carlos Holmes Trujillo at a press conference in Bogotá.\

The Foreign Minister said that the meeting will leave the Leticia Pact for the Amazon, which will contain “concrete actions” and an itinerary of activities for the Amazonian countries, the region, and the international community to protect the largest rainforest in the world, essential for climate balance.

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