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Ecuador’s justice will investigate the sale of Pacific National Bank during the government of Rafael Correa

Date: Feb 24, 2022

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso has ordered an investigation into the sale of Pacific National Bank, a financial institution subsidiary of Banco del Pacífico, a private bank held by the governments of Rafael Correa and Lenin Moreno. The Ecuadorian president said that with the documents they were collecting, the justice would examine the sale process and its legality.

Lasso recalled that Banco del Pacífico in Ecuador was the owner of Pacific National Bank in Miami, but that today that “bank does not exist.” He wonders when they sold it, to whom they sold it and how much they sold it to, “because that is an asset owned by all the Ecuadorian people,” the Ecuadorian leader said in his usual meeting with the media last Tuesday.

Lasso confirmed having informed the head of Banco del Pacífico to inform Carondelet about the matter because in this regard, “we do not know anything,” and that once he has all the documents, the institutional justice technicians will review the process of alienation of this bank, sold “between roosters and midnight,” he said.

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