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Ecuador’s Flagrant Censorship Attempt Fails

Date: Dec 16, 2013

Last week we noted that videos [here] on the Chevron case in Ecuador were the subject of frivolous Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) infringement notices filed by Ares Rights – a Spanish firm that works on behalf of the government of Ecuador to censor negative messages and video content posted on the internet about President Rafael Correa and his administration.

We can report that Ecuador’s meritless attempt to suppress free speech and our perspective on the ligation has failed and the videos in question have been reinstated by YouTube.

This likely won’t spell the end of Ecuador’s abusive use of DMCA takedown notices to censor its critics. We will, however, continue to work to expose Ecuador’s flagrant attempts to stifle speech and conceal the truth about the fraudulent case against Chevron in Ecuador.

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