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Ecuador Pushing Plan for Indefinite Re-election – Associated Press

Date: Jun 26, 2014

QUITO, Ecuador — Ecuador’s ruling party pushed ahead Thursday with a plan to allow indefinite re-election of President Rafael Correa and other officials.

Congressional leader Gabriela Ribadeneira submitted a package of proposed reforms to the country’s Constitutional Court, which now has 45 days to decide if the plan must be submitted to a national referendum or if it can be decided by the legislature. The governing party has plenty of votes in Congress to enact the amendments.

Correa said last month that he backs the re-election plan, though he didn’t say if he’ll take advantage of it when his term ends in 2017, as many of his supporters hope. His popularity ratings have remained high.

In January he had told a government newspaper that he did not plan to run again.

Correa took office in 2007 and won election again in 2009 after a new constitution was adopted. He was re-elected to another four-year term in 2012. The current constitution allows only one re-election.

The proposed amendments also would lower the legal age for presidential candidates to 30 years from 35. The armed forces would also be allowed to deal with internal security matters.