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Ecuador probes ‘fake news’ campaign criticizing Coronavirus response- Reuters

Date: Apr 6, 2020

Ecuador’s government is investigating thousands of social media accounts spreading what it called “fake news” aimed at destabilizing President Lenin Moreno’s administration as it struggles to contain an outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo told local radio on Wednesday evening that the social media posts — among which were images of alleged common graves for coronavirus victims — resulted from a coordinated effort by a “political group.”

“There is a fake news campaign, a plan to generate chaos via social networks,” Romo said.

Ecuador has confirmed 145 deaths from the virus, one of the highest tallies in Latin America. But Moreno said on Thursday the number was “short” and authorities were collecting over 100 bodies a day, many left in relatives’ homes as strict quarantine measures prevented them from burying the dead.

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