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Ecuador Govt Confirms Killing of Group Leader Behind Journalists Murders – teleSUR

Date: Jan 26, 2018

Both Ecuadorean and Colombian Government have confirmed the killing of “Guacho,” leader of the Oliver Sinisterra Front that was behind the murders of the El Comercio team. On Friday, the Colombian government confirmed the death of Walter Artizala Vernaza, commonly known as “Guacho,” accused of being responsible for the murder of the three Ecuadorian journalists who were kidnapped in March of this year. President Ivan Duque confirmed the news through an official statement. The killing of “Guacho” happened in the Nariño department, in a clash between the Colombian army and the Oliver Sinisterra Front that “Guacho” commanded. “I told the Ecuadorian people that the crime of the three journalists would not be impunity, it is an achievement of a whole country,” Duque said in his Twitter account. Read more>>