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Ecuador, Chevron and Steven Donziger: The Travesty Described in Detail – Forbes

Date: Sep 9, 2014

In a superb feat of legal journalism, Michael D. Goldhaber has penned Crude Awakening, a 64-page detailed summary of the plaintiffs’, and Ecuadorean officials’, shenanigans in the Chevron case. In his own words, his “hope was that the Ecuador case would for the first time establish non-U.S. courts as a viable alternative to hold companies accountable when they are complicit in wrongs overseas.” But that was not to be, and it is a tribute to Goldhaber’s honesty and to his painstaking devotion to detail that he has made a 180 degree turn in this e-book. In his own words, again: “As a story teller, I was gratified as the plot developed … from promising legal experiment to a dark parable of human nature. As an advocate for the rule of law, I was horrified.” Read more >>