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Donziger’s Ex-Atty May Be Ordered To Lead Trial Last Minute- Law360

Date: Aug 28, 2020

Embattled lawyer Steven Donziger’s former defense attorney may be ordered to come back to lead his trial next month if Donziger’s current lawyer refuses to travel cross-country because of the pandemic, a New York federal judge warned this week.

A trial is set for Sept. 9 on criminal contempt-of-court charges tied to Donziger’s refusal to comply with court orders, all stemming from his role in securing a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron in Ecuador in the early 2010s over environmental pollution.

Donziger’s lead counsel, Richard Friedman, who is based in Washington state, recently told the court he’s highly opposed to the idea of his traveling for the trial, as is his personal doctor, and said the trial would be dangerous for all involved.

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