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Donziger Ties ‘Beyond Repair,’ Atty Says In Bid To Exit Trial- Law360

Date: Sep 3, 2020

Andrew Frisch, the New York defense lawyer who has been added back to the defense team of Chevron foe Steven Donziger in a criminal contempt trial starting next week, told a federal judge Wednesday there is simply no way he can represent his former client as their relationship is “beyond repair.”

Donziger is facing allegations of criminal contempt for disobeying court orders in his ongoing legal battle with Chevron Corp. after winning a $9.5 billion judgment against the company in Ecuador over widespread environmental destruction there. A U.S. district court found the judgment was riddled with fraud and corruption, and that finding was upheld by an appeals court. Courts in Ecuador have upheld the judgment.

Donziger was recently disbarred in New York, against the recommendation of a referee, and is suspended in Washington, D.C.

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