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Donziger Files Papers Seeking to Appeal His Disbarment- New York Law Journal

Date: Sep 24, 2020

Embattled lawyer Steven Donziger on Tuesday filed legal papers in New York State’s high court asking it to review his recent disbarment, as he and his attorney-ethics counsel argued publicly that his disbarment “potentially affects the due process rights of all lawyers nationwide” and presents “novel” issues in an “extraordinary context.”

As part of their argument asking the high court to hear their legal challenge to Donziger’s disbarment, he and his attorney also contended Tuesday that Donziger’s disbarment by the state’s intermediate appeals court was flawed because that court gave collateral-estoppel effect to a federal judge’s civil-case findings of Donziger’s wrongdoings—thereby not allowing Donziger to properly challenge the wrongdoing before the disbarment court.

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