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Disgraced Chevron Ecuador Attorney Steven Donziger Makes Plea For Freedom From House Arrest- Oakland News Now

Date: Apr 22, 2020

In what is easily the most ironic press event of the worldwide coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, disgraced Chevron Ecuador attorney Steven Donziger appealed to be released from house arrest during New York City’s “Shelter in Place” regulations.

Who demands to go outside when there is a shelter in place for everyone’s protection from coronavirus? Here’s the latest weird twist in the strange tale of the Bernard Madoff-want-to-be Steven Donziger.

Donziger is locked up in his NYC apartment after he failed to obey a judge’s order to not continue profiting from his fraudulent attempt to steal billions of dollars from Chevron in a fake lawsuit in Ecuador. He was sentenced by the court to house arrest on criminal contempt charges.

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