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Court-appointed inspection team is inexperienced and unqualified

Date: Jun 1, 2009

“A court-appointed team of 15 experts that recently reviewed almost 200,000 pages of evidence in the case concluded that the contamination has produced more than 1,400 deaths from cancer and an undetermined number of skin diseases, miscarriages, and respiratory illnesses.” – Amazon Defense Coalition Press Release: 5/1/09

The court did not appoint a “team of experts.” The court appointed one man, Richard Cabrera, a mining engineer with no oil-field remediation experience and hence unqualified to conduct the mandated work of the court. Richard Cabrera was the only person who submitted reports to the court in which he fabricated a $27 billion damage recommendation against Chevron. While Mr. Cabrera claimed that he had the help of 15 individuals, notably missing from the Cabrera report were their signatures endorsing their work. In fact, only one person would put his name on the report – Richard Cabrera. By contrast, Chevron’s experts are not only renowned specialists in their fields, they all signed their individual studies rebutting Cabrera’s findings and continue to stand firmly and proudly behind their work. In order to understand what scientific findings have greater credibility, we urge readers to take a look at the qualifications of the experts used by Chevron and those listed by the court’s “independent expert” Richard Cabrera as assisting his work.