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Council on Hemispheric Affairs – Ecuador: Media Caught In Crossfire Between Popular President And Defenders Of Free Speech

Date: Dec 2, 2011

The following is a highly critical piece on Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s interactions with his country’s media:

With the explosive rise to power of the current President Rafael Correa, the relationship between the media and the government has all but self-destructed. The President considers the private media and its journalists as “corrupt,” “mediocre,” “liars,” and “ink assassins.” In the absence of formidable political adversaries, Correa has transformed the private media into his most lethal rivals. At the same time, the media does not possess the necessary sophistication to deal with an opponent as unpredictable and talented as Correa, and therefore have proceeded to repeatedly fall into Correa’s trap, assuming the frontline role of the implacable opposition.

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