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Confirmed Cases Have Doubled- Bloomberg

Date: Apr 27, 2020

An increased capacity to process coronavirus tests caused the number of confirmed cases in Ecuador to more than double in a day to 22,719, second only to Brazil in Latin America.

“It’s not a rebound, it’s the presentation of delayed results” that reflects greater capacity to carry out testing in more labs, Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo said during a presentation of the data. “That’s good news.”

According to current data, close to half of the individuals tested have come up positive.

The pandemic has hit the country of 17.5 million people hard. In the province of Guayas, with two thirds of registered cases, health authorities were overrun in March and April due to a big surge in fatalities, leaving some families with no other recourse but to drop bodies of the deceased in the streets in the hope that they would be picked up.

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