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Communities in the Amazon of Ecuador at risk due to the rising of the Coca River

Date: Jul 22, 2021

Indigenous Kichwa of the Ecuadorian Amazon denounced that the villages located on the banks of the Coca River (east) face risks due to the increased flow, without the authorities taking action to alert and assist the communities.
“The Federation of United Communes of the Kichwa Nationality of the Ecuadorian Amazon denounces that the riverside communities of the Coca River are still at risk without the control authorities taking effective actions to prevent them or to inform or alert and, even less, to serve the communities affected, “the Federation said in a statement.

He added that the accelerated increase in the flow of the Coca River has caused flooding in several communities such as San Sebastián, El Edén and Unión y Progreso, in the province of Sucumbíos (east).

On the night of July 20, the authorities ordered the partial closure of the San Sebastián parish bridge due to damage caused to its structure.

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