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The Ecuador Lawsuit.

Committee to Protect Journalists – Ecuadoran president sues critical news daily for defamation

Date: Apr 1, 2011

More coverage of the legal complaint filed by Ecuador President Rafael Correa against a newspaper for printing an editorial piece. Individuals at the newspaper face jail time and large fines. According to this article, critics say that President Correa voluntarily submitted himself to public criticism and scrutiny when he chose to run for office:

“When Rafael Correa entered political life, he voluntarily chose to subject himself to public scrutiny and criticism,” said Carlos Lauría, CPJ’s senior Americas program coordinator. “It’s outrageous that as president he would put his own reputation ahead of the national interest of ensuring a robust public debate. We call on President Correa not only to drop the defamation suit but also work with Congress to repeal criminal insult laws that contradict international standards on freedom of expression.”

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