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Civil-Military Relations Sour as Correa Amasses Power in Ecuador – World Politics Review

Date: Mar 4, 2016

On Feb. 5, Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, removed the entire high command of the country’s armed forces. The move followed a public dispute about the amount paid by the Ministry of the Environment in 2010 to acquire a military-owned plot of land in the city of Guayaquil, which was incorporated into a natural reserve. After an investigation, the government claimed that it had overpaid by $41 million and would therefore reduce its obligations to the Social Security Institute of the Armed Forces (ISSFA), the original owner of the land. The military publicly rejected the accusations and resisted the reimbursement of the funds. Faced with a direct challenge to his authority as commander-in-chief, Correa immediately announced the generals’ sacking.  Read more>>