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Chevron Shakedown Scammer Would Like To Be Released From House Arrest-Hot Air

Date: Apr 20, 2020

The last time we checked in on Steve Donziger, the former lawyer behind the failed Chevron Shakedown, things weren’t going too well for him. After he failed to obey a judge’s order to not continue profiting from his fraudulent attempt to pick Chevron’s pockets for billions of dollars, he was eventually sentenced to house arrest on criminal contempt charges. He has also failed to make a court-ordered payment to Chevron, resulting in some hefty fines piling up against him. That situation has been ongoing for the past eight months.

But now, in a recent public relations push, Donziger has found a new set of friends to speak up on his behalf. A group of thirty Nobel Prize winners has penned an open letter calling for his release from home detention, praising him as a hero for his groundbreaking advocacy or something.

On Thursday morning, it brought together 30 Nobel laureates from around the world in an open letter that lauds Steven Donziger as a hero, and casualty, of sprawling litigation with the oil giant Chevron.

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