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Chevron foe Donziger surrenders after losing bid to avert prison

Date: Oct 30, 2021

Disbarred lawyer Steven Donziger, who was convicted of criminal contempt after a decades-long legal battle with Chevron Corp over rainforest pollution in Ecuador, surrendered to authorities Wednesday after losing his bid to stay out of prison during his appeal, his lawyer said.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied Donziger’s request to delay his six-month prison term or grant him bail as he challenges his conviction and sentence. His lawyer Ronald Kuby said in court documents Wednesday afternoon that he had surrendered and was in the custody of the federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut.

“It is sadly typical of the degraded quality of justice in this case that the only way Mr. Donziger could prove he was not a flight risk was to show up and be imprisoned,” Kuby said in a statement.

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