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Chevron Ecuador Shakedown fraudster sentenced to jail

Date: Oct 7, 2021

It’s been a while since we checked in on Steven Donziger, the disgraced former attorney at the heart of the Chevron Shakedown. (For those not familiar, you can review our ongoing coverage of this story over the past several years here.) During his many attempts to convince courts in multiple countries to enforce a rigged judgment against Chevron from a court in Ecuador, he was repeatedly found to have engaged in fraud to obtain that order and he was eventually ordered to pay a number of fines and legal costs for the oil and gas giant. He was also disbarred in every place where he had previously been allowed to practice law. But Donziger continued to protest his innocence and refused to pay, eventually finding himself under house arrest, a fact that he also protested. Yesterday, Donziger received something else to protest that he might take more seriously. Instead of house arrest, a judge sentenced him to six months in jail. (Bloomberg)

Steven Donziger, the disbarred lawyer who once won an $8.6 billion judgment against Chevron Corp. over contamination of the Amazon rain forest, was sentenced to six months in jail for defying court orders.

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