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Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit News

Chevron Ecuador: President Correa Joins Steve Donziger In Fraud

Chevron Ecuador has taken a new, dramatic turn, unnoticed by the media, with the lone exception of this blogger – one who’s covered this issue of Ecuador’s fraudulent lawsuit against the American Oil Giant since 2007.

Steven Donziger, seen in the photo above after a visit to The San Francisco Chronicle to lobby for fixed news, has for so very long (15 years) the face of the lawsuit claiming that Chevron failed to clean up after itself after leaving Ecuador oil fields for the country’s oil production use, has gained a full negotiating partner in his quest for billions. One I talked about first in 2008:

The person involved is the same one that, for so long, Donziger has tried to distance himself from having a publicly cozy relationship with, if only to assure the “indigenous tribes” he claimed to represent that any damage award money would not be taken by him.

That man is Ecuador President Rafael Correa.

President Correa, who this blogger has started to think of as something just north of a corrupt political thug, has openly traveled around in a silly attempt to get countries like Argentina to freeze their Chevron assets and cough up billions that would then be collected by Ecuador and to the tune of 90 percent of the damage award.

This plaintiff’s lawsuit has had more hands on it than Marilyn Monroe had lovers in her day – from the tribes that Donziger got involved (and who feel duped) to Donziger’s early claim that he himself personally would rake in billions, to Ecuador’s President, and even other family politicos like Correa’s sister, and then Kate Kennedy and NY State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who were in line to collect millions from Chevron in her case, and thousands in donations in DiNapoli’s case.

It’s also a fair bet Correa promised to give Argentina’s Presdent some money for her intervention – if it’s successful, or course.

It all reads as dirty, and that’s putting it mildly.

Stay tuned.

By Zennie, December 12, 2012


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