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Chevron Ecuador Development – American Lawyer – The Tapes the Plaintiffs Don’t Want You to See

Date: Oct 29, 2010

Excerpts from the documentary “Crude” are now available online. Here’s an excerpt from an article that has just posted:

In the final version of Crude — the 2009 Joel Berlinger documentary on the epic environmental suit brought by Amazon tribespeople against Chevron Corporation in Ecuador — lead U.S. plaintiffs’ attorney Steven Donziger remarks: “This is something you would never do in the United States, but Ecuador, you know, this is how the game is played, it’s dirty.”

If Donziger would say something so provocative for the final cut, reasoned Chevron’s lawyers at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, then just imagine how outrageous he must look in the extra footage.

Well, the public no longer needs to use its imagination.

These videos can be viewed here:

VIDEO I: Planning for the Expert’s Report

VIDEO II: The Morning After

VIDEO III: A Message to the Court: Don’t F— with Us

VIDEO IV: ‘A Political Force’ to Protect Against Corruption

VIDEO V: ‘Smoke and Mirrors and Bulls—‘

VIDEO VI: A Vision of the Future

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