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Chevron Ecuador: Chevron prevails again over fraudulent lawsuit by Steven Donziger

16 September 2020
The Hague Court Rules for Chevron in Ecuador Dispute

31 July 2020
Argentine Supreme Court Rejects Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgment

8 July 2019
Ecuadorian Plaintiffs End Fraudulent Litigation Against Chevron

15 April 2019
Dutch Supreme Court Rules for Chevron in Ecuador Dispute

4 April 2019

Fraudulent Ecuadorian Judgment is Unenforceable Against Chevron’s Canadian Subsidiary

7 September 2018

International Tribunal Rules for Chevron in Ecuador Case

16 December 2015
Supreme Court of Gibraltar Rules Against Donziger Offshore Company; Awards Chevron $28 Million

3 September 2015
H5 Settles With Chevron Over Ecuadorian Lawsuit

4 May 2015
Another Key Funder of Fraudulent Ecuador Litigation Against Chevron Withdraws Support

16 February 2015
Financial Backer of Fraudulent Ecuador Litigation Withdraws Support, Settles

7 May 2014
Chevron Corporation Reaches Settlement Agreement With Patton Boggs Law Firm

4 March 2014
U.S. Court Declares Ecuador Judgment Against Chevron Corporation Fraudulent, Unenforceable

13 November 2013
Ecuador’s High Court Ignores Fraud, Upholds Judgment Against Chevron

18 September 2013
International Arbitration Tribunal Finds Chevron Not Liable For Environmental Claims in Ecuador

1 May 2013
Chevron Corp. Statement on Canadian Jurisdictional Decision in Ecuador Enforcement Proceeding

17 April 2013
Chevron And Burford Joint Statement Regarding The Lago Agrio Litigation

12 April 2013
Ecuadorean Environmental Claims Disavowed Under Oath by Plaintiffs’ Own Experts

8 February 2013
Tribunal Finds Ecuador in Breach of its Obligations Under International Law and the Bilateral Investment Treaty with the United States

28 January 2013
Former Ecuadorian Judge Admits Role in Orchestrating Fraudulent Judgment Against Chevron

18 December 2012
Ecuador Whistleblower Threatened by Lago Agrio Plaintiffs’ Lawyers

20 November 2012
Chevron Files Ethics Complaint Against New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

31 October 2012
Chevron Statement on Ecuador Judgment Enforcement Action

31 July 2012
Chevron Statement on Southern District of New York RICO Opinion

30 May 2012
Chevron Statement on Ecuador Judgment Enforcement Action

14 May 2012
Southern District of New York Court Upholds Chevron RICO Complaint

8 March 2012
Judge Who Issued $18.2 Billion Ruling Against Chevron Removed From Bench

28 February 2012
Tribunal Determines Chevron’s Ecuador Arbitration May Proceed

17 February 2012
International Arbitration Panel Orders Ecuador to Take “All Measures Necessary” To Suspend Enforcement of the Lago Agrio Judgment

20 January 2012
Chevron Appeals Illegitimate Ruling in Ecuador

3 January 2012
Chevron Condemns Illegitimate Decision by Ecuador Appellate Court

21 December 2011
Chevron Calls for Criminal Investigation of Judge, Plaintiffs’ Lawyers in Ecuador Case

16 December 2011
Chevron Welcomes Petroecuador Clean-up Announcement

19 September 2011
Chevron Statement on United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals Order

31 August 2011
Chevron Awarded $96 Million in Arbitration Claim Against the Government of Ecuador

21 April 2011
New Evidence of Fraud Found in Text of Ecuador Judgment

11 March 2011
Chevron Appeals Ecuador Judgment

1 February 2011
Chevron Files Fraud and RICO Case Against Lawyers and Consultants Behind Ecuador Litigation

23 December 2010
Lago Agrio Plaintiffs’ Consultants Concede that $113 Billion Damages Claim Lacks Scientific Basis

20 December 2010
Forensic Expert Discovers Elaborate Forgery of Plaintiffs’ Signatures Authorizing 2003 Complaint Against Chevron in Ecuador

17 September 2010
Chevron Exposes Strategy of Fraud in Ecuador Lawsuit

06 August 2010
Chevron Files Petition in Ecuador Seeking Dismissal of Lawsuit

24 May 2010
Proceedings Reveal New Evidence of Fraud and Plaintiffs’ Undisclosed Links to Ecuadorian Court Expert Richard Cabrera

05 April 2010
Plaintiffs’ Expert Reveals Fraud by Lawyers in Ecuador Lawsuit

30 March 2010
Chevron Wins Arbitration Claim Against the Government of Ecuador

23 September 2009
Chevron Files International Arbitration Against the Government of Ecuador Over Violations of the United States-Ecuador Bilateral Investment Treaty

11 September 2009
Chevron Seeks Annulment of Rulings by Ecuadorian Judge

07 September 2009
Chevron Provides Ecuador Authorities Evidence in Bribe Plot

04 September 2009
Judge Núñez Recusal

02 September 2009
Chevron Welcomes News of Investigation Into Judicial Misconduct

31 August 2009
Videos Reveal Serious Judicial Misconduct and Political Influence in Ecuador Lawsuit

12 February 2009
Chevron Cites New Instances of Misconduct Marring Trial in Ecuador