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Chevron presents new evidence of fraud in Ecuador lawsuit

Chevron has submitted new filings in the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit which further expose fraud and misconduct by the plaintiffs’ legal team:

— Two forensic linguistics specialists, Robert A. Leonard, Ph.D and Professor M. Teresa Turell, Ph.D, uncover irregular writing patterns in the verdict which indicate plagiarism. Leonard writes that “portions of the Sentencia are plagiarized from Plaintiffs’ unfiled work product.” Read Leonard’s exhibit 11 and Turell’s exhibit 13. Read the declaration which outlines each of the exhibits Chevron submitted.

Gerald R. McMenamin uncovers evidence of fraud in the report of the supposed “independent expert” Richard Cabrera. He writes that “there is substantial external linguistic evidence that Cabrera is not the author of the Cabrera Report or Supplemental Report attributed to him.” Read his exhibit 15 here.

— A brief that Chevron filed in support of the injunction which bars enforcement of the Ecuador judgment further exposes the trial lawyers’ extortion plot.

According to Chevron’s brief filed yesterday, the plaintiffs’ legal team is “painting a false picture of the proceedings [and] in the process smearing a highly respected federal judge” who issued the injunction which bars enforcement of the judgment. Read Chevron’s brief here.

The brief adds that behind the lawsuit are “nearly 100 lawyers throughout the country, who cannot help but be motivated by their contingent pieces of an $18.2 billion judgment” and that “numerous other courts – and an international bilateral investment treaty arbitration tribunal – have ruled in Chevron’s favor…citing uncontroverted evidence of fraudulent conduct.”

Document Summary:
Chevron brief opposing Lago Agrio Plaintiffs’-Donziger stay motions
Declaration of Randy Mastro in support of Chevron’s brief
Exhibits 1-10
Exhibits 11-12
Exhibits 13-20
Exhibits 21-27

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