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Center for Security Policy – Is Ecuador’s lawsuit against Chevron ‘messianic’ justice?

Date: Sep 11, 2009

[archive-title]Is Ecuador’s lawsuit against Chevron ‘messianic’ justice?
Center for Security Policy, September 11, 2009[/archive-title]
“Unbeknownst to many, there is now a high stakes legal battle taking place between the Chevron Oil Company and the residents of Ecuador’s Amazonian area called Lago Agrio. The contention is that Chevron was responsible for environmental contamination actually caused by another oil company, Texaco, which operated in the area between 1964 and 1990. Chevron is facing the lawsuit because it purchased Texaco in 2001. Texaco had already pulled out of Ecuador in 1992, handing over their operations to Ecuador’s national company, Petroecuador. The suit was originally filed against the company in 1993 in a New York court as a class action suit, primarily on behalf of the private citizens affected by the pollution.”
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