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October 16, 2009

Claims of Indigenous Extinction in Amazon Region Proven False

In yet another fabrication put forth to mislead the public, the American trial lawyers behind the Chevron case in Ecuador …

October 14, 2009

Plaintiffs’ Lawyers’ Statements on Groundwater Contamination Misleading and Incorrect

In virtually every public statement and news release, the plaintiffs’ lawyers and their activist NGO partners claim that the remediated …

October 12, 2009

Hidden Deal in Ecuador Case: Lawyers suing Chevron Strike Agreement That Spares Petroecuador From Litigation and Ensures Government Support

“Since Texaco left, Petro[Ecuador] has produced even more damage and many more disasters than Texaco.” — Pablo Fajardo, member of …

October 9, 2009

Coalition of Prominent Business Associations Voice Serious Concern Over Continued Deterioration of the Rule of Law in Ecuador

On October 8th, six major U.S. business organizations- Business Roundtable, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Nation …

October 7, 2009

Recent Surge in Lawsuits Filed Against Ecuador Underscores Government Interference, Politically Tainted Judicial System in Chevron Case

A recent article in El Comercio, a major Ecuadorian newspaper, exposes a telling increase in the number of lawsuits filed …

September 29, 2009

He’s back – Judge Núñez Reinstated to Preside over Chevron/Ecuador Case

9/29/09 Update – For the second time in a month, Judge Juan Núñez has been removed from the Lago Agrio …

September 23, 2009

Amazon Defense Coalition Gets It Wrong — Again

Amazon Defense Coalition spokesperson Karen Hinton has admitted that several accusations made in a recent press release are false. On …

September 22, 2009

Over 400 New Wells Drilled By Petroecuador Since 1990

Petroecuador, Ecuador’s state-owned oil company, which has a record of environmental mismanagement, continues to drill wells and dig new waste …

September 8, 2009

Judge Núñez admits he needs to step aside; Amazon Defense Coalition proven wrong

9/8/09 Update – Lawyer Fernando Larrea, in a September 7th interview with Ecuavisa, affirms that Judge Nunez violated the law …

September 3, 2009

Ecuadorian Judge’s Story Contradictory

Ecuadorian Judge Juan Nunez, who was recently caught on video confirming that he will rule against Chevron and that the …

September 3, 2009

Chevron Press Release – Chevron Welcomes News of Investigation into Judicial Misconduct

[archive-title]“Chevron Welcomes News of Investigation into Judicial Misconduct” Chevron Corporation, September 2, 2009[/archive-title] Statements by President’s Correa’s Top Lawyer Raise …

September 2, 2009

The Amazon Defense Coalition has full confidence in the Ecuadorian judicial system?

“We have full confidence in the Ecuadorian judicial system, as does Chevron.” -Karen Hinton, spokesperson for the Amazon Defense Coalition. …