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Canadian Justices Leave Chevron Canada Out Of $9.5B Fight – Law360

Date: Apr 8, 2019

Canada’s Supreme Court has declined to review a decision that a group of Ecuadorians can’t go after a Canadian Chevron subsidiary’s assets to satisfy an embattled $9.5 billion pollution judgment, but the plaintiffs remained undeterred, saying they’ll continue enforcement efforts against the parent company.

The justices on Thursday left in place an Ontario appeals court ruling that Chevron Canada Ltd. is a separate legal entity from Chevron Corp., meaning its assets shouldn’t be tangled up in a bid to collect on a massive Ecuadorian judgment stemming from decades-old environmental damage.

Though Ecuadorian courts have consistently upheld the award, it has inspired skepticism elsewhere, with a New York federal judge, the Second Circuit and an international tribunal in The Hague all declaring the judgment fraudulent.

Chevron applauded the Canadian high court’s decision Thursday, with general counsel R. Hewitt Pate saying they’re pleased the justices ended efforts to enforce the “corrupt” award against the indirect subsidiary.

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