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Filings made by business leaders, scholars, and legal experts in support of Chevron

Date: Jul 1, 2011

A diverse coalition has filed a series of amicus briefs stating their support for the injunction blocking enforcement of the judgment against Chevron in Ecuador.

Briefs have been filed by: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable – joined by a distinguished group of international law scholars, the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Foreign Trade Council, Dow Chemical Company, Shell Oil Company, and Dole Food Company, Inc., and the Washington Legal Foundation – an organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the judicial process.

In defense of that injunction, they write that:

  • Injunctions are widely recognized by civil and common law countries as a reasonable method of preventing the enforcement of fraudulent judgments.
  • The U.S. judge did not abuse his discretion when he issued a preliminary injunction after being presented with credible evidence of an imminent plan to utilize an “unlawfully procured foreign judgment” to freeze the worldwide assets of a U.S. corporation in order to extort a settlement.
  • Steven Donziger and the other Appellants have not only abused the Ecuadorian court system, but are attempting to disable U.S. courts from preventing that abuse from spreading to courts worldwide.
  • The Ecuador case is an example of litigation in a judicial system that has become so politicized and corrupt that it no longer provides a forum for impartial adjudication of disputes.
  • There are woeful shortcomings of the Ecuadorian court system.

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