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Chevron Ecuador Lawsuit News – On the Need for International Investment Rules

This article discusses the RICO suit and international arbitration in the Chevron Ecuador case:

The new RICO suit claims, among other allegations, that Donziger, with early financing from Kohn Swift, drummed up the Lago Agrio litigation with the goal of reaping hundreds of millions of dollars of legal fees. Chevron asserts that Donziger is an accomplished political operative who established a relationship with the Ecuadorian government in order to further the litigation. The complaint details Donziger’s alleged efforts to work with Stratus to produce a ghostwritten report for the purported Ecuadorian court-appointed neutral expert, alleged coconspirator Richard Cabrera. It also contains assertions that Donziger influenced Ecuadorian prosecutors to bring criminal charges against two Chevron lawyers who signed an agreement attesting to the remediation of contamination in the Lago Agrio region; and offers evidence that Donziger and the other conspirators schemed to deceive Congress, the U.S. media, and Chevron shareholders about the merits of the Lago Agrio case.Updates on these actions are available here and here; needless to say, it doesn’t look too good for Donziger, and his clients (former clients?) are looking kinda desperate.

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Falsified reporting of technical findings facilitated #Ecuador #fraud against Chevron, scientist for the #Ecuadorian plaintiffs testified: AmazonPost photo
Members of indigenous communities in the Amazon in Ecuador would like to know: What happened to the more than $20M reportedly raised on their behalf by now-disbarred NY lawyer Steven Donziger? #FollowtheMoney
#Factsmatter: An international arbitration panel found ‘no cogent evidence’ supporting #Ecuador’s claim that #Texaco failed to comply with terms of remediation in #Amazon.
The @WSJ sums this case up nicely, “[Steven Donziger] and his team fabricated evidence, promised $500,000 to an #Ecuadorean judge to rule in their favor, ghostwrote much of the final verdict and took other actions that ‘perverted’ the course of #justice. Mr. Donziger disputes the…
Shameless. Disbarred and convicted of criminal contempt of court for bribing an Ecuadorian judge in an attempted extortion scheme, @SDonziger is nonetheless accepting invitations to speak at #climate rallies. Read more about this adjudicated racketeer:

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