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BBC News – Ecuador crime fears see soldiers used for police duties

Date: Sep 29, 2011

This article outlines the security situation in the country where the Chevron Ecuador trial has taken place. The country’s army and police are the subject of controversy, particularly following the day of unrest in that country last year:

But the situation changed on 30 September 2010, when a police revolt over benefits turned into what the government alleges was an attempted coup.

Police officers deserted their posts, and with few officers patrolling, looting broke out in numerous towns, especially in Guayaquil, the country’s biggest city.

Mr Correa says he was held hostage for more than 10 hours in the main police hospital, where hooded policemen tried to assassinate him.

The army eventually came to rescue him and there was a shootout between the two forces. Five people died and almost 200 were injured.

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