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September 3, 2015
Ecuador political news

H5 Settles With Chevron Over Ecuadorian Lawsuit

Chevron Corporation has reached a settlement agreement with H5, a California-based e-discovery and litigation services firm. In the settlement, H5 has withdrawn its support from the litigation against Chevron in Ecuador and has assigned its 1.25 percent interest in the $9.5 billion Ecuadorian judgment to Chevron.

September 2, 2015

Ecuadorian Journalist Fired Over His Outspoken Tweets – Global Voices

Journalist Martín Pallares was fired on August 17 from the newspaper El Comercio, where he had worked for the past 13 years, over his personal Twitter account. According to freedom of expression organization Fundamedios, Pallares had been very critical of the Ecuadorian government in his tweets. Read more>>

September 1, 2015
Who is behind Ecuador's demonstrations - Ecuador political news

Ecuador’s Political Eruption – New York Times

There is a strange connection between volcanoes and political crises in Ecuador: They seem to erupt together. Read more>>

August 25, 2015
Ecuador politics

Everything Is Going Wrong in Ecuador – Bloomberg

As emerging markets come unhinged around the world, few nations face tougher challenges than Ecuador, a dollarized oil producer in El Nino’s path, where street protests are flaring up alongside one of the planet’s most dangerous volcanoes. Read more>>

August 24, 2015
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Ecuador Protests: Correa’s Oil Crisis, Policies Could Spell End Of Latin America Success Story – International Business Times

A vast array of disparate groups, including indigenous communities, medical associations, teachers’ unions, senior citizens and business owners, have all come out in full force across Ecuador in recent weeks to put their discontent on display, marching through streets, blocking roads, waving flags and shouting slogans. Each group touts a different laundry list of complaints and demands, but they are all targeted at one man: Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa. Read more>>

August 24, 2015
Rafael Correa - President of Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Ecuador president’s bid for fourth term faces growing opposition – LA Times

Indigenous schoolteacher Manuel Cartuche was once an ardent supporter of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa for his stewardship of a booming economy and a road-building program that better connected the country’s once-isolated Andean cities and villages. Now, the 48-year-old member of the Saraguro ethnic community in southern Ecuador has turned implacable foe. He joined an estimated 10,000 marchers in Quito, the capital, on Wednesday to demonstrate against Correa’s bid for a fourth term in office. Read more>>

August 19, 2015
Chevron sign

Chevron’s arbitral award against Ecuador confirmed by D.C. Court of Appeals – Lexology

The D.C. Circuit affirmed the trial court’s holding that it has jurisdiction under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA) to confirm an arbitral award in Chevron’s favor and rejected Ecuador’s argument that confirmation should be denied under the New York Convention. Chevron Corporation and Texaco Petroleum Company v. The Republic of Ecuador, No. 13-7103, (D.C. Cir. August 4, 2015). Read more>>

August 18, 2015

The Jig Is Up for Rafael Correa – PanAm Post

On Thursday, August 13, several social groups in Ecuador joined forces to protest against the national government, most notably indigenous groups that used to support President Rafael Correa. These groups have revolted against a similarly inefficient, centralized economy. While it may be a far cry from Soviet communism, the Ecuadorian government has circumvented civil society and placed all planning in the hands of a political elite. Read more>>

August 18, 2015
Who is behind Ecuador's demonstrations - Ecuador political news

Ecuador protests left 67 police injured, 47 arrested – AFP

A total of 67 police officers were injured and 47 people arrested during protests in Ecuador against President Rafael Correa’s moves to seek a fourth term, an official said Friday. Most of the injuries and arrests came in Quito, the epicenter of Thursday’s protests, deputy minister for domestic security Diego Fuentes told a TV station. Read more>>

August 17, 2015

7 Ways Amazon Watch Supported the Legal Fraud of the Century

Rather than refute a recent investigative report by the Washington Times with facts, Amazon Watch continues to advance conspiracy theories, recycle falsehoods and repeat its long-discredited rhetoric. But none of it will rehabilitate the California-based activist group that continues to promote the fraudulent Ecuadorian lawsuit against Chevron.

August 14, 2015
Ecuador 400 mile march - Ecuador political news

Ecuador Native Groups, Opponents Strike Against President Correa – Wall Street Journal

Opponents of President Rafael Correa’s policies, many of them from indigenous groups, protested against government policies on Thursday, including one that would permit the populist leader to run for office indefinitely. Discontent has grown as a slump in oil prices has weakened the pace of Ecuador’s robust economic growth of recent years. Thursday’s protests, among the largest in a series of recent demonstrations and the first national strike, comes a day after ratings firm Standard & Poor’s lowered its sovereign credit ratings on Ecuador by a notch. Read more>>

August 13, 2015
Politics in Ecuador

Rafael Correa’s Citizen Revolution Faces Its Biggest Protest Yet – PanAm Post

Ecuadorian trade unions and indigenous groups are in final preparations for a massive nationwide strike on Thursday, August 13. Their objective is to have President Rafael Correa rectify his various policy proposals, including his plans to impose new taxes on inheritance and capital gains, which have led to a wave of protests for the past 45 consecutive days. Read more>>