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July 8, 2015
Ecuador Pope Visit - Ecuador political news

The Pope’s Visit Won’t Cure Ecuador – Bloomberg

No one has ever accused Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa of modesty. In his welcome to Pope Francis, who arrived in Quito on Sunday to begin a weeklong, three-country visit of the region, the Andean strongman didn’t disappoint. Correa acknowledged that “the pope is Argentine” and “God is probably Brazilian,” but added, playfully, that “Paradise surely is Ecuadorean.” His political opponents might be forgiven for failing to see the humor. Read more>>

July 6, 2015
Rafael Correa - president of Ecuador

Calls to Oust Ecuador’s President Flare Before Visit by the Pope – New York Times

Protesters calling for the ouster of President Rafael Correa have filled the streets of Ecuador’s largest cities in recent weeks in some of the largest antigovernment demonstrations here in years, creating tensions on the eve of a visit by Pope Francis. Read more>>

July 6, 2015
Politics in Ecuador

Ecuador’s Head of Police Steps Down Amid Corruption Probe – teleSUR

The Ecuadorean Interior Minister Jose Serrano announced Friday that the head of the national police force had stepped down. Police Commander Fausto Tamayo was appointed on October 1, 2014. His resignation follows the announcement of an investigation into possible corruption in the Ecuadorean national police force. Read more>>

July 6, 2015
Ecuador Pope Francis - Ecuador political news

Ecuador’s Correa Wants to Co-Opt Pope Francis – Wall Street Journal

Pope Francis’ journey to Ecuador, which kicks off on Monday, “is to cultivate the virtues of the people and not to politicize his presence,” Quito Archbishop Fausto Trávez said late last week in public remarks. Good luck with that. President Rafael Correa has spent weeks appropriating the pope as his government’s very own 21st century socialist icon. So unless the Holy Father finds a way to signal Ecuadoreans otherwise, the visit is likely to leave the impression that the church is in solidarity with the repressive Correa machine. Read more>>

July 2, 2015
Ecuador Julian Assange - Ecuador political news

Ecuador urged to hand over Julian Assange as police costs spiral to £11.5MILLION – Express

The Wikileaks founder has spent three years in the west London embassy of the South American country rather than face questioning over allegations of sex attacks made to the Swedish authorities. The British taxpayer is footing the bill for a team of three police officers to stand outside the Knightsbridge address in case the Australian-born transparency fighter steps outside the building and on to UK soil. Read more>>

July 2, 2015
Protests in Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Ecuador vents its presidential ire on the streets ahead of papal visit

As President Rafael Correa scrambles to roll out the red carpet for the first papal visit in 30 years, many in this Andean nation seem intent on sending their leader a less welcoming message. On Thursday, for the fourth straight week, protestors will take the streets of major cities, including the capital, to decry Correa’s policies. The tumult comes just days before Pope Francis is scheduled to kick off a South American tour here on Sunday. Read more>>

June 30, 2015
Protests in Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Correa Feels the Wrath of Massive Protests in Ecuador – PanAm Post

Thursday, June 25, 2015 will go down in Ecuador’s history, with one of the largest public protests ever recorded in the city of Guayaquil. Starting at 2 p.m. local time, the mayor’s office estimates that around 400,000 people — one in five city residents — filled Nueve de Octubre Avenue and its surroundings, to reject the latest measures taken by the government of President Rafael Correa. That makes three consecutive weeks of widespread demonstrations from Ecuadorians against the socialist government. Read more>>

June 30, 2015
Protesters in Ecuador - Ecuador political news

Protesters in Ecuador Demonstrate Against Correa’s Policies – The Wall Street Journal

Thousands of protesters on Thursday took to the streets of Ecuador’s largest city, Guayaquil, to protest against the policies of President Rafael Correa,especially new tax proposals. The Guayaquil demonstrations, led by Mayor Jaime Nebot, were part of the third week of protests against Mr. Correa’s government. On Thursday mass protests also took place in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and in other cities. Read more>>

June 30, 2015
Ecuador political news

The End Of Dollarization In Ecuador: The Crisis Has Begun –

Every year major companies, organizations and even countries pay big bucks to advertise during the Super Bowl in hopes of reaching its multimillion viewers. This past February, a small sliver of time on Super Bowl Sunday was dedicated to Ecuador in a 30-second commercial coining the hashtag “#AllYouNeedisEcuador.” The irony of this commercial is that it encourages Americans to spend U.S. dollars in Ecuador at a time when the Ecuadorean government is trying to weaken the U.S. dollar as its official currency. Read more>>

June 30, 2015
Anti-Correa protest - Ecuador political news

Anti-Correa Protest Could Land Students 7 Years in Prison – PanAm Post

Students of the traditional Mejía Institute in Quito, Ecuador, have joined the nationwide protests against the government of President Rafael Correa that have gained momentum over the last two weeks. Three of those young protesters, however, have been accused of “sabotage,” and face up to seven years in jail if convicted. Read more>>

June 29, 2015
Ecuador political image

Ecuador’s State-Sponsored Activism Continues in the U.S.

Earlier this year, we documented how the government of Ecuador was waging a campaign of state-sponsored activism and judicial intimidation against both Chevron and an International Arbitration Tribunal that was considering denial of justice claims by Chevron against the Republic of Ecuador.

June 23, 2015
Politics in Ecuador

Report reveals Ecuador staged protests against Chevron in the US – Hot Air

As you may recall, over the course of Ecuador’s attempted Chevron Shakedown, there have been sporadic protests in the streets wherever and whenever court actions were taking place. This included the hearings at the International Arbitration Tribunal, where people who were ostensibly environmental activists and “Friends of the Rain Forests” showed up to voice their displeasure with the energy giant’s unwillingness to pay off Steven Donziger and his fellow racketeers (I only use that term because the man was found guilty of racketeering as a result of the attempted shakedown). But were all of those protesters really just concerned citizens making their voices heard? That claim is looking pretty dubious at this point. Read more>>