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Chevron's Views
And Opinions On
The Ecuador Lawsuit.

June 9, 2009

Ecuador government signed off on Texaco cleanup in 1998

FICTION: “‘Chevron’s mischaracterization of the evidence against it in Ecuador is a clear example of insensitivity to human suffering and …

June 8, 2009

6/8/09 – Emerging-market debt after Ecuador

“Emerging-market debt after Ecuador” Reuters, June 8, 2009 “Ecuador is a ‘rogue debtor’ … and its most recent default is …

June 8, 2009

6/8/09 – Ecuador urges crackdown on foreign oil companies

“Ecuador urges crackdown on foreign oil companies” Associated Press, June 8, 2009 “We’re going to radicalize our citizens’ revolution” – …

June 8, 2009

6/8/09 – President of Ecuador Warns of Legal Sanctions for ‘Each Abuse’ of the Press

“President of Ecuador Warns of Legal Sanctions for ‘Each Abuse’ of the Press” Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas …

June 2, 2009

Texaco in Ecuador – A Brief History

Click here to read about it. Watch this video:

June 2, 2009

New video exposes collusion by U.S. trial lawyers and Ecuador plaintiffs in creating $27 billion report

The biggest misconception in the long running Ecuador litigation is the claim by plaintiffs in the case that Chevron could be liable …

June 2, 2009

Learn more about Texaco in Ecuador

Visit the website dedicated to dicusssing the history of Texaco in Ecuador. Click here to read an in-depth discussion of …

June 2, 2009

Hundreds of government officials signed off on remediation

FICTION: “Chevron claims it ‘remediated’ the environmental damage in the mid-1990s despite the fact a team of court experts found …

June 2, 2009

Texaco Petroleum, Ecuador and the Lawsuit against Chevron

Executive Summary The environmental case pending against Chevron in Ecuador has devolved into a runaway judicial farce, orchestrated by a …

June 1, 2009

6/1/09 – Chevron, Ecuador and Rebutting the Shake-Down

“Chevron, Ecuador and Rebutting the Shake-Down” Shopfloor, June 1, 2009 “The trial lawyers and activists pushing the legal claims have …

June 1, 2009

Court-appointed inspection team is inexperienced and unqualified

FICTION: “A court-appointed team of 15 experts that recently reviewed almost 200,000 pages of evidence in the case concluded that …

May 28, 2009

5/28/09 – Big Oil Bites Back

“Big Oil Bites Back”, May 28, 2009 “Chevron hasn’t operated in Ecuador since 1992 and got a clean bill …