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At 2nd Circuit, Donziger Argues Against Civil Contempt, as His Criminal Contempt Trial Looms- New York Law Journal

Date: Sep 16, 2020

Steven Donziger on Tuesday continued his battle against contempt-of-court allegations and the Manhattan federal court judge who levied them, Lewis Kaplan, as he argued to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that Kaplan’s 2019 order holding him in civil contempt of court “raises serious constitutional and human-rights issues.”

“I did exactly what he said I could do,” Donziger told the Second Circuit as he pointed to a 2014 opinion issued by Kaplan in which the trial court judge addressed injunction orders he’d issued against Donziger, after he found that Donziger had committed “egregious” judicial fraud in Ecuador in order to win an $8.6 billion judgment there against Chevron Corp.

The injunction orders are central to what are now both a civil contempt order and criminal contempt-of-court charges lodged by Kaplan against Donziger, a controversial lawyer known for his long-standing and contentious battles with oil- and energy-company giant, Chevron.

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