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AP Explains: Crisis in Ecuador over end to fuel subsidies- The Washington Post

Date: Oct 8, 2019

QUITO, Ecuador — Ecuador has endured days of popular upheaval since President Lenín Moreno scrapped fuel price subsidies, a step that set off protests and clashes across the small South American country. Here’s a look at the chaos that has plunged Ecuador into one of its worst political crises in many years:

Last week, Moreno declared an end to government subsidies that had been holding down fuel prices, saying the move was part of a package of measures designed to revitalize Ecuador’s economy. The announcement triggered a strike by transport workers that ended a few days later, but clashes involving youths and also members of Ecuador’s indigenous communities have kept up pressure on the government.

The widespread unrest reflects a sense of alienation among many people who were already suffering economic hardship. Economic problems stem from the high public indebtedness inherited from the 2007-2017 administration of President Rafael Correa. His successor, Moreno, has also sought credit with international agencies, especially the International Monetary Fund.

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