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Analysis: Liberal media lionize corrupt anti-Chevron lawyer Steve Donziger as martyr

Date: Feb 12, 2022

Media leftists never waste an opportunity to spin one of their disgraced allies as some kind of hero. Even when there’s demonstrable proof they’ve done wrong. Anti-Chevron activist and disbarred eco-extremist lawyer Steve Donziger is no exception.

Donziger was convicted of fabricating evidence and engaging in “corrupt” practices to win a legal case against a major oil company. Still, many in the media have gone to bat for him. Outlets like The Hill, Democracy Now!, Axios, Bloomberg News and The Nation painted him as an environmental hero victimized by Big Oil interests. Bloomberg, in particular, fawned how “videos tagged #freedonziger have been viewed more than 700,000 times on TikTok.”

A pro-Donziger propaganda piece by Guardian US columnist Erin Brockovich didn’t mince words: “This lawyer should be world-famous for his battle with Chevron – but he’s in jail.” Rather than treating him like the legal pariah he is, multiple liberal media outlets have done everything but christen Donziger as the martyred Protector of Gaia throughout the legal saga in past months. But as The Wall Street Journal argued, Donziger’s antics amounted to “The Legal Fraud of the Century.”

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