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Al Jazeera – Opinion – Using courts to harass Ecuador’s dissidents

Date: Nov 14, 2011

According to this opinion piece published by Al Jazeera, one of Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s chief advisers is spearheading an effort against a former cabinet member who she accuses of defamatory libel. The penalty would be three years of jail as well as $400,000 for “moral damages.”

Ecuadorian former minister and activist Monica Chuji is about to face trial for defamation. The president’s secretary of administration, Vinicio Alvarado, accuses her of defamatory libel for describing him as nouveau riche in a February interview.

While this lawsuit against a former cabinet member reveals the extent of the persecution against those opposing the government of Rafel Correa, it also calls attention to the lingering permissibility of harassing indigenous peoples in the region.

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